Extradium for SharePoint by RioLinx

Extradium for SharePoint by RioLinx

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Extradium for SharePoint by RioLinx

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Extradium for SharePoint provides a fully packaged solution to enable Forms-Based Authentication and manage external users in a SharePoint Extranet environment. With Extradium for SharePoint, you can literally deploy your SharePoint extranet in a matter of minutes.

Benefits Include:

  • A streamlined installation and configuration to accelerate the deployment: No script or command line tools are required: in no more than 3 steps and 10 minutes, your extranet is up and running with Extradium.
  • A compelling and dynamic user interface that makes administration tasks easy to perform: with Extradium, the 100% AJAX-based user interface has been specifically designed to accelerate user management tasks.
  • A comprehensive solution to give maximum satisfaction to your users: forms-based authentication (FBA), custom profile properties, notification emails, Captcha-based registration forms, password reset, delegated administration, user assignment to SharePoint sites through a simple drag-and-drop to a tree view, user invitations, registration approval workflows, dynamic group assignment rules, account expiration policies, password strength policies, audit reports.
  • A unique feature: Extradium for SharePoint is the only solution that provides user segregation and multi-tenancy. Thanks to its support of multiple organizations, user visibility in the SharePoint People Picker is restricted to users and groups in the same organization only.

All the essential features are present to ease your life and fulfill the needs of the most demanding users.

Extradium for SharePoint is free for the first 20 external users, without any expiration date. Upgrading to a commercial version is achieved with an activation code. Different pricing is available for various user packages as well as unlimited.


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Xtrashare Review by a SharePoint Consultant

Usually I hate installing third party tools on an environment because they are laggy and it's a mess to install. However, Xtrashare is the only solution I actually recommend. It's really easy to install (don't forget to turn off UAC ) and once it's in place , its the easiest thing to explain to your client.

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Easy to setup
Great support
Free up to 20 users.
Easy to explain to client
Doesn't make me coffee
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sp2010 with sp1 version
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