Outlook Power Tool Plus by Echo Technology

Outlook Power Tool Plus by Echo Technology

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Outlook Power Tool Plus by Echo Technology

This FREE tool from echoTechnology will allow you to select multiple documents or list items from your libraries and lists, and move them,copy them, check them in and out, and send them as links and document attachments via your default browser.

SharePoint delivers plenty of functionality out of the box that enhances the collaboration experience. The ability to Send Links of documents directly from the interface is now provided out of the box.

However, this functionality is limited to only one file at a time. The download includes the code, a quick user guide, and instructions for installation.

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1.0  (1)
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is it real?

as stated above

Product Reviews

Sounds like a useful add-in that I could really use.
I am unable to download the software since their site apparently doesn't function, nor do they answer emails, nor is there anyone on the other end of the phone if you call them. I'm thinking that this business really doesn't exist.
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