SharePoint Zip v 2.0 (Supported) by Black Blade

SharePoint Zip v 2.0 (Supported) by Black Blade

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SharePoint Zip v 2.0 (Supported) by Black Blade

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SharePoint Zip allows users to download multiple files from and upload multiple files to SharePoint as a single Zip file. This saves both user time and network bandwidth, and has many applications from content publishing, to data backup, to offline file access.

Zip files allow users to package multiple files and folders into a single file and then unpack the contents later. Most desktop and laptop computers are able to work with Zip files.

SharePoint Zip allows users to upload a single Zip file into a SharePoint document library, and tell SharePoint to unzip the contents of the file after the upload has completed. This not only makes the upload simple, only one file is sent to SharePoint, but also the contents of the Zip file are compressed, saving valuable upload time and bandwidth. Downloading is just as easy. Users select a file, folder, or entire document library, and SharePoint sends the contents as a single Zip file. This saves considerable time and bandwidth during the download, and it lets users download many files and folders with a single click.

The 2.0 (supported) version of SharePoint Zip adds advanced capabilities beyond those available with the 1.2 version (free).
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