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iMush Print by KWizCom

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iMushPrint turns everything on SharePoint printable, enabling a more efficient and shareable work environment. You no longer need to manually create documents, from now on, anything on your SharePoint can be presented and printed in PDF format.

iMushPrint allows to merge different SharePoint items into a single printable PDF file, making everything on SharePoint printable. This web part enables organizations to overcome the SharePoint printing gap.

  • Print documents without downloading them first
  • Merge several documents into a single printable document
  • Present/Print tasks, events or any other type of SharePoint list items as a PDF file
  • Export information from SharePoint into PDF files.

Structured Data- Print/publish structured data as documents. Data items such as leads, sales proposals, purchase orders, and more that are managed as list items can now be presented and printed, as a PDF file.

InfoPath Web Forms- Select an InfoPath web form or a bulk of forms and present/print them as a PDF file.

Wiki Pages- Present/print out-of-the-box SharePoint Wiki pages. Choose a single or a bulk of Wiki pages and easily export your knowledgebase to a printable PDF file.

Print SharePoint Pages- Print any SharePoint page. Export your portal/site customized pages and present/print them as PDF files.


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Kwiz iMushPrint

Overall I was very impressed by the product and the company. We have been using Kwiz software for some years and it really is an install and forget experience. When an issue does come up the company provide first class support in resolution.

Product Reviews

Simple to install and configure
Ability to combine multiple document into a single PDF has been very useful for example preparing meeting documents
Support form the company has been excellent as has general service form the support staff

Overall I would recommend this as a print solution for almost any task required within SharePoint libraries and lists.
To be honest I have not found any. We had an initial problem with printing but the company provided first class support.
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