Spread Web Part for SharePoint by FarPoint

Spread Web Part for SharePoint by FarPoint

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Spread Web Part for SharePoint by FarPoint

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Spread for SharePoint is a Windows SharePoint Server v3 (WSS) integrated spreadsheet Web Part. Delivered as a SharePoint Feature, Spread for SharePoint provides SharePoint users with a feature-rich, customizable and personalizable spreadsheet experience. Spread for SharePoint takes Web Part capabilities to the next level by addressing the needs of the Sharepoint Users, SharePoint Administrators, SharePoint Developers and System Integrators. 

Allow your SharePoint Users to:

  • have SharePoint list data presented in a dynamic and flexible spreadsheet that is integrated with SharePoint List View customization options including: column visible, column order, sort, filter, group by and totals.
  • have a complete data-binding experience where changes to the data made with Spread for SharePoint are immediately reflected back to the SharePoint list, and changes to the SharePoint list data, made outside fo Spread for SharePoint, are automatically updated in the spreadsheet.
  • interact with list data as if it exists on the client due to the built-in use of AJAX extensions that automatically keep the client and server synchronized.
  • modify existing data and insert new data through celltype editors that are set to the columns based on the SharePoint list column type definitions to provide built-in error checking and data validation. personalize views of SharePoint lists by setting column format elements: backcolor, forecolor, font, and alignment through the use of the Spread for SharePoint Column Format bar.
  • receive visual cues from the format of data values by taking advantage of the built-in conditional formatting capabilities that can be easily set through the Spread for SharePoint Command bar.
  • perform data filtering through the use of the built-in Filter bar.
  • perform data sorting through the use of built-in sorting.
  • load and save personal and shared SharePoint list style settings.
  • save the current view of the data to a PDF, Excel 97-2003(XLS), or Excel 2007 XML(XLSX) document.
  • provide Users with SharePoint list data presented in a rich UI that allows for direct data modification without having to utilize another processes to modify the data.

Allow your SharePoint Administrators and Site Owners to:

  • deliver a rich and full-featured presentation experience in a component that is aware and adherent to the SharePoint Security Settings.
  • customize the presentation of SharePoint list column formatting elements: backcolor, forecolor, font, alignment, and conditional formatting through use of the Spread for SharePoint Command bar.
  • limit the personalization of column setting by simply turning off the Spread for SharePoint Command bar and other UI elements through the Web Part design pane.
  • install and enable this SharePoint Feature with ease due to it being delivered as a SharePoint Solution Package for Deployment. 

Allow your SharePoint Developers to: create customized SharePoint Web Parts by extending the capabilities of Spread for SharePoint through use of the powerful object model that fully exposes the underlying ASP.Net control, as well as siting information to allow for customization of the command bar and UI elements.

Allow your System Integrators to: codelessly incorporate SharePoint lists into event-driven, pub-sub infrastructure by receiving spreadsheet and Sharepoint list event notification messages through Web Services that can easily subscribe to spreadsheet and SharePoint list events.


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