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Epona EmailFiler for SharePoint

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Epona EmailFiler is a SharePointe mail management solution which offers deep SharePoint - Outlook integration. Combining the both SharePoint and Outlook user interface experiences and functionality, users can store, drag-and-drop, and retrieve e-mails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint easily.

The application retains Meta data and automatically checks for custom SharePoint meta data and duplicate files, so users can work unhindered by protocols and high data quality standards are maintained. EmailFiler is user-oriented, enhancing the user experience with SharePoint via the familiar Outlook interface.

Users can switch between either application’s interface to use the screen style which is most comfortable for them, or a third EmailFiler email view which combines the SharePoint browser interface and Outlook list style. Increased convenience of sharing decreases the need for unsecured local hard disk storage.

EmailFiler allows users to work with those SharePoint folders to which they are authorized, while in Outlook, without logging into SharePoint via a web browser. Direct access allows users to drag-and-drop e-mails and attachments to and from the live SharePoint site(s). The application's ease of use, and resulting efficiency, is demonstrated by its practical functionality.

Filing and retrieving e-mails

Simplifying filing and retrieving e-mails between SharePoint and Outlook helps propel routine file sharing. Users can easily:

  • Drag-and-drop, Cut, Copy and Paste, or the right-click context menu to move and/or copy e-mails from Outlook to SharePoint.
  • Enable the automated prompt for sent items as a reminder to file outgoing e-mails.
  • Set Outlook auto-file rules to direct incoming e-mail to predefined SharePoint folder destinations.

Manage attachments from Outlook

Attachments contain a large share of businesscritical data; these files exchanged via e-mail can also be stored in SharePoint independent of the e-mail.

  • Drag-and-drop attachments from the e-mail body to the SharePoint destination folder.
  • Preview attachments embedded in e-mails when browsing SharePoint folders with using Outlook 2007.
  • Securely maintain standards as attachments cannot be entirely removed from the e-mail body (that is detrimental to compliance).

De-duplicate files stored in SharePoint

Automatic de-duplication is a built-in feature of EmailFiler; duplicates cause not only confusion but clog storage space. Users may:

  • enable automated prompts to alert when duplicates are filed.
  • file duplicates with an optional follow-up number.
  • intercept storing the file before it reaches the SharePoint folder by selecting the option in the duplicate prompt.

Retain metadata (and custom metadata)

Metadata, the extra information related to a document, i.e. the sender, recipient, time and date information in a standard e-mail, and custom SharePoint metadata fields, improve searchability. EmailFiler respects Outlook and SharePoint metadata:

  • E-mail metadata is retained in SharePoint by default, and custom SharePoint metadata is requested of the user when files are stored in locations that require metadata.
  • Mandatory custom SharePoint metadata is denoted with a red asterisk, and required before users can proceed. The same metadata can be assigned to all files during large migrations.
  • Custom SharePoint metadata can optionally be enabled in Outlook email lists.

Switching interface views

Within Outlook, SharePoint and Outlook style interface options adapt to user interface preferences. The views include:

  • The standard Outlook interface e-mail lists.
  • The standard SharePoint web browser view lists.
  • A custom default EmailFiler 'email view' in SharePoint enables Outlook style e-mail lists in SharePoint web browser view.

Searching and filtering SharePoint folders

For larger SharePoint sites, users can limit the SharePoint folders which are visible in Outlook, or search for SharePoint folders, and in SharePoint folders through filed items (including e-mail subject lines and body text).

  • Filter visible SharePoint folders with the EmailFiler black or white list filter options in Outlook.
  • Search for a SharePoint folder using the EmailFiler 'Find Folder' right-click context menu option.
  • Search through filed items using the standard Outlook search bar similar to the usual Inbox search, but while in the respective SharePoint folder.

Manipulating SharePoint Folders (and sub-folders)

Where user permissions allow, secured flexibility with the level of SharePoint folder modifications from Outlook is useful for efficiency and user productivity.

  • Create, delete, and copy SharePoint folders between sites, and other SharePoint locations, freely.
  • Create and delete shortcuts to SharePoint folders in EmailFiler's favorite's category 'My Matters'.
  • Disable 'delete' SharePoint folders function to prevent accidental deletion.

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