myDocs for SharePoint and Outlook by nSynergy

myDocs for SharePoint and Outlook by nSynergy

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myDocs for SharePoint and Outlook by nSynergy

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myDocs is our custom solution for adding Outlook emails into shared document servers when using SharePoint. It is now possible to simply drag and drop email documents into SharePoint, making it so much easier to manage your electronic documents.

Businesses use tools like SharePoint to manage most of their important business documents, but the inability to easily place emails into SharePoint and share those files within a document library is a problem that many SharePoint users have encountered.
Drag and drop emails into SharePoint folders
With myDocs you can now use Outlook to drag and drop emails directly into special folders that represent SharePoint document library folders. You can also view, open, create and access documents and emails directly within Outlook. With emails, documents and other files being accessible through Outlook, everyone in your workplace can use Outlook and SharePoint together to create a powerful yet simple document management tool. The ability to automatically move emails from Outlook into SharePoint and create document library folders from Outlook is a process that will energize your SharePoint 2007 workflows

Familiar interface, powerful search
myDocs leverages the familiarity of the Outlook interface and the powerful automated features of SharePoint. Metadata from emails such as Date Received, Date Sent, From and other fields are transferred automatically into a document library’s columns by simply dragging and dropping emails into Outlook folders. This makes it easier to filter and search for these emails and utilize the power of the SharePoint document library views.

Integrate SharePoint and Outlook
nSynergy specializes in email and document management using SharePoint 2003/2007. We developed myDocs to integrate SharePoint and Outlook and finally solve the problem of managing email within SharePoint. myDocs allows you to easily save emails and email fields into SharePoint document libraries both online and offline. View this demonstration to find out more about dragging and dropping emails into SharePoint and accessing your SharePoint document libraries without ever leaving Outlook. myDocs is fully compatible with SharePoint Portal Server 2003 & Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.


Server Licence $1,800.00 OR Client Access Licence (CAL) $49.00 each

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5.0  (1)
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I think it is a great product

I have been using this for 1 year now and am pretty happy with it.

Product Reviews

First mover, cheaper than others,natively integrates into Outlook, allows access to SharePoint from within Outlook which makes adoption much easier, requires very little training.
Versions prior to 2009 do not work on multiple site collections. 2009 does. Server-side installation is required, it is a very light simple installation MSI though.
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4.45, 4.66, 2009
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