Live-Mail for SharePoint by Syntergy

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Live-Mail for SharePoint by Syntergy

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With Live-Mail for SharePoint you can capture the corporate knowledge that is flowing through your company via e-mail. Transform SharePoint into an easy and intuitive tool with Live-Mail and watch productivity take off. Live-Mail connects your favorite e-mail program with SharePoint. Users can archive information, search and retrieve corporate knowledge, and participate in discussion threads. With Live-Mail users can work offline and have their work saved to SharePoint when they reconnect. Live-Mail makes it easy for people to work with information so more corporate knowledge is captured and available for everyone to use. More knowledge and information means more productivity!

Discussions are "E-mail Enabled" with mapping e-mail messages to any list type! Now you can add a new discussion topic or add to a discussion simply by replying to e-mail. You can add multiple documents in seconds just by attaching them to an e-mail. You can start including people outside of SharePoint™ by granted them permission to participate in a particular folder or discussion. Because it is all done in e-mail there is no need for SharePoint™ training, no need to launch a browser everytime you want to add information to SharePoint™ and no firewall limitations for people outside the company network. Users will love the ability to work-offline and have everything saved to SharePoint™ when they reconnect to the network. You can even fetch documents by requesting them via e-mail!

Live-Mail for SharePoint is driven by .NET, a powerful, fully managed server written in C# that reads e-mails, creates SharePoint™ collaborative content via the .Net-based Object Model and distributes "smart e-mails" to SharePoint™ users.   SharePoint is built on the .Net framework which means it is powerful, scaleable, and flexible.  It also provides deep integration with Microsoft Office System programs allowing teams to collaborate using the familiar tools they use every day.


  • Save e-mail messages and attachments into your Library. This important corporate knowledge can be saved and indexed so that others can benefit from past history. Checkin and adding versions can be done through e-mail.
  • Store documents to the Library without having to use your browser. This feature also allows you to add multiple documents at one time! This is a real time saver.
  • Participate in on-line discussions through e-mail. External and SharePoin Users can receive and reply to discussions through e-mail. Include important customers, suppliers, and partners outside the corporate firewall in discussions.
  • Mail documents directly from SharePoint. Checkout documents as you e-mail them.
  • Fetch the index of the contents of a list with the ListServ capabilities. Request a document to be mailed to you.
  • Easy installation. Since Live-Mail runs from a server, no special desktop software is needed to realize the benefits of this tool. Just install the server software and you are Live-Mail enabled!
  • Work Off-line. Reply to discussions, save documents and e-mail messages to the library while you are offline. Once you reconnect to the network your work is processed via Live-Mail.


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