SharePoint Outlook Integration by BoostSolutions

SharePoint Outlook Integration by BoostSolutions

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SharePoint Outlook Integration by BoostSolutions

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Copies or moves e-mails and email attachments from Outlook directly to SharePoint. Allows for overwriting files automatically. Provides access to libraries directly from Outlook's window. Allows automatic mapping e-mail's metadata and attributes to SharePoint's list columns. Allows user to save e-mails in a different format which includes msg, html, txt, doc, mht. Site collection administrator can decide which list or library can be used to upload files. Allows for dragging and dropping Outlook and SharePoint single place location.

The tool saves time sharing vital information from Outlook via SharePoint and backs up critical e-mails.SharePoint Outlook Integration conveniently integrates Microsoft Outlooks with SharePoint's libraries and lists, providing a foundation for transfer of crucial e-mail to specified libraries.In a Management position, Outlook Integration allows backup of e-mails on SharePoint for archival purposes in an event of a malicious virus or a system failure. This archived data can also be managed from other entrusted employees as well as used for collaboration.Backup your e-mails or attachments by either copying or completely moving an entire file from Outlook securely filing to an authorized SharePoint library.

Outlook Integration allows you to move multiple e-mail files by "drag & drop" function, or multiple attachments with "just a click" function while automatically overwriting any existing files. It also allows for SharePoint options such as "Check-out, Workflow, etc." using the power of SharePoint with the flexibility of Outlook.You can manage contents by mapping out destinations of many e-mail classifications. Multiple libraries from SharePoint to Outlook interface allow for categorizing as well as management overview of teams using SharePoint's library view.You can organize your SharePoint with automatic capture and extraction of attributes and metadata, search through your e-mail or attachment libraries using SharePoint's powerful search utility and establish a custom column in SharePoint using Metadata mapping.


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SharePoint Column View Permission

I am still try this tool on my SharePoint 2007, since it only supports 2007. We have migrated to SharePoint 2010 months ago. Hopefully it could be upgraded to support SharePoint 2010,by SharePointboost very coon.

Product Reviews

Drad-n-drop Outlook emails to SharePoint folders.
Email attachments can be drag-n-drop to SharePoint as well.
Permission setting options look good
Price is a big surprise, not $0.0 showed on this pag though.:->
So far still does not support SharePoint 2010.
Installation process is complicated
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