qRules for Microsoft Office InfoPath by Qdabra Software

qRules for Microsoft Office InfoPath by Qdabra Software

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qRules for Microsoft Office InfoPath by Qdabra Software

Quickly add powerful features to InfoPath without having to hire a developer to write code. Qdabra qRules lets you use rules in place of code to quickly add common features to your InfoPath forms. qRules contains more than 100 most commonly requested functions accessible via rules—even things that are not available in InfoPath today, like encrypting fields.


Images and Files

Reduce size of XML, faster open times, edit files from outside of InfoPath

  • Save Image or Attachments as links to SharePoint document library or separate Web server
  • Use SharePoint lists instead of libraries to offload images and files

SharePoint Lists

Keep your list and form library in synch

  • Copy from a SharePoint list to your form (supports filtered query for faster form open)
  • Save your form fields to a SharePoint list
  • Update your form fields when someone changes a list
  • Supports repeaters, images, rich text, and more

Form Diagnostics

Display form status, clear errors, control save/submit, etc.

  • Check to see if form is new, whether it has changed, if it has validation errors, and what the processing instruction is
  • Control save/submit features and locations
  • Create unique names for your forms
  • Calculate time between two dates and do special formatting for your dates

Table Support

Copy data from external sources into your main data source, also:

  • Insert or delete rows from your main data source using buttons
  • Sort your table based on column
  • Set row values in your table using filters

Save and Submit

  • Change location where your form gets submitte 
  • Change title of your form when it opens
  • Clone your form to create a new copy (prevents overwriting existing)
  • Disable file->save and submit using rules
  • Redirect where your form saves or submits

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