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The SharePoint Action Framework is an extension to the SharePointFeature framework, Stsadm and MSBuild. This is achieved with Actionswhich are commands allowing automation of SharePoint (e.g. CreateWeb,AddUser, ImportList). Also possible to thread multiple Actions together.

Main Benefits of using SAF

  • Actions already available - SAF already includes some Actions (see below).
  • Integrate with existing methods - SAF Macros can be run from Features, STSAdm, MSbuild and soon WCF. In addition to this, purpose built Actions have been included allowing STSAdm and Powershell Commands to be called from within a Macro.
  • Develop your own Actions - If you don't see an Action in the list below, download SAF and create one, it's easy enough.
  • Parameterise your scripts - By using place holders statements like (e.g. ${CurrentWeb.Url}), would replace the Url of your current Web (at run time). (note. the current web, is the web you have activated your feature at, or the 'url' you pass in as an an argument at run time). Environment Variables are now supported!
  • Rollback supported - Each Action has a "Do" and also an "Undo", meaning you can rollback!! (Which is great during development and testing)
  • Extensive Logging - SAF includes LOTS of .Net Tracing statements, so you can monitor whats happening. (which is essential when running Features).
  • Adapters - Through the use of Adapters, you can run your Macros from either a Feature or STSAdm. (More on the way).
  • A common approach to writing 'tools' - SAF allows you to have a single approach to writing "tools" and "utilities" for SharePoint, meaning reuse should be higher and should also lower your TCO.

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4.5  (2)
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VERY Useful

I'm using this all over the place in my organisation. Saved us lots of time and energy. Includes the scope to author you own "actions", but there are lots of good ones bundled already.

Well worth a look.

Product Reviews

Essential if you have sharepoint.
More actions please!
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Integrated SAF into our MSBuild Project

Overall - SAF is well worth looking into, but, I am going to give 4 (not 5) as the docco isn't complete yet. (I am planning to do a blog post to help out in this respect).

Product Reviews

We use SAF to automate our config changes as part of the build (and deployment) process. It integrates really easy using the MSBuild task and the sample documentation is fantastic! One thing I particularly like about SAF is it's ability to call STSADM and Powershell. This allows us to wrap all of our deployment scripts really easily.

If you look at the examples, SAF can also be called from a "Feature" or via "Stsadm", however, we haven't used those yet. Although, I am trying to get our devs to use the SAF from a Feature.
SAF is quite hard to get started, but in my opinion it's worth it! (The downloadable samples are really good to get you started).

One thing I would like to know more about (but can't find any detail on), is how to create your own Actions. I believe you can do it, but how ??
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