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CorasWorks Workplace suite

The CorasWorks suite was sourced as the HR Department at my client required a robust, secure case management system.

Other Helpdesk tools were considered but was dismissed due to a number of concerns around the security of what could potentially be sensitive HR Data.

As SharePoint was already being used as an interim tool and offers a highly secure native permissioning model, the technology was further evaluated as a longer term tool.

The CorasWorks suite contains a template, which effectively provides an ‘off the shelf solution’ This was sourced following
A quote from IT to deploy a MS Dynamics based system, which estimated 582 days and totalling £1.8m!! (inc Support).

The same functionality is provided with CorasWorks with a total cost of £90k, (including PM and Support Resource.)

Other SharePoint solutions were investigated such as SharePointHQ and WebCon however, neither had the respected client list of CorasWorks who are also highly respected in the SharePoint community.

In summary, CorasWorks suite provides better case management and self-service functionality and offers greater scope for further usage
(ie Can be used for building multiple SharePoint Applications).

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Other Custom Workflow tools are better
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