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Nintex Workflow for SharePoint
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Performs as advertised...Good stuff...However

Nintex installs, and sets up very easily. Their documentation and support is good. Overall my experience has been very good.

The previous review talked about how the end users can do all sorts of sophisticated workflows with this thing...Well yes...To a point. It might be my user-base, but there are some pretty abstract concepts that many of my folks are just not trained to handle. Things such as posting variables, regular expressions, and so forth are just unavoidable for anything of any consequence. As a result, I often find myself involved or designing the workflow myself.

That being said, the speed at which I can put it together and deploy it is about 500% faster than if I were to do it in SPD. If you have a tech-savvy crowd, the claims of anyone can do it are true. My users are regular business users, and although certainly not stupid, their just not accustomed to thinking in programmaticly logical terms...It's not plug and play from that perspective.

It's still a good investment. If you are looking at getting into workflow in your sharepoint environment, I whole heartedly recommend this product. just a word of the admin/dev in our sharepoint environment, I am not "off the hook" as some of the language around this product would suggest...

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Easy to use interface
Exposes functionality normally reserved for SPD users to non-techs
Cuts development time down dramaticly

More a product of the workflow foundation, but has trouble with "Wait For"
Wouldn't trust with "Mission Critical" tasks
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