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BDC Meta Man from Lighting Tools

Lighting Tools and BDC Meta Man are at the top of my list to meet any BDC requirements that come back around through the project cycle, or any other corporate sponsored initiative that evolves into a funded project.

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Our group had a requirement for a BDC solution to connect a backend MSSQL data source that had several linked tables? After installing the application, which took a matter of minutes; I went to the Lighting Tools support site and watched one of their video tutorials specific to the product. This is no hype, while following along with the video and creating the code/solution in parallel using VS 2008 the application/web part was available to deploy to SharePoint within 30-45 minutes. I'm not a programmer; therefore, the entire project solution was developed behind the scene between Meta Man and VS 2008. After it was deployed to SharePoint the remaining steps to complete the deployment occurred without issue. Therefore, the pros are: easy to install, quick to build web parts without programming experience, a support web site that has the type of support material needed to successfully deliver the required output and Lighting Tools post support. At this time, I had not had to engage the vendor nor had I purchased anything. I ran into an issue, after the web part was built, tying two primary keys together to form a unique column. When this issue was detected and reported back to the vendor, they were able to duplicate the problem and then provide a successful fix within a few days. I was testing two similar products at this time and the competitor had the same primary key constraint. The problem was reported back to this vendor and to my knowledge the issue still exist. I was so impressed with the Meta Man experience and results; I went on to build five additional BDC web components using Oracle, MS ACCESS and MSSQL. Although this was not needed, I felt it would help support the business case when the time came to execute.
Due to managements decision to switch project objectives the requirement for a solid BDC solution was moved to the back burner. Therefore, my experience working with Lightings Tools and their commitment to delivering solid products and a service methodology that sets them apart from other vendors was only positive.
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