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Additional columns not displayed and filter not populated

Not real useful since programmer development is required to use the feature. Might just as well develop the entire lookup. Does not save any time to use this product.

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Does ok job with lookup. When adding new item or updating item, it does do a good job populating dropdowns for the user to select.
On the edit form, the filter dropdown is not populated with the value selected value. In addition, additional columns don't work. They do not display. Since the filter dropdown does not populate, the user has no idea what the record is for. The key information is not displayed. You have to create an additional itemadded feature to populate another field in the library or list in order to see what value was selected when the item was added.

This is a real problem since you will have no idea what the key information is. The product requires additional development by a programmer in order to use it. Might as well develop the look up using a web part.
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