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Content Types not supported

Would be really interested to hear if anyone else has managed to get this configured for Content Types. I can't be the only one with this problem and if it's something obvious I'm missing, I'd be happy to re-assess my review.

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I have nothing nice to say about this product. If you're using a really simple out of the box list, like Tasks (which is the only example in their documentation) you'll be fine. But if you're using a custom list, or even worse a content type, forget about trying to make this work. I'm extremely frustrated that their lack of 'useful' documentation and completely unintuitive interface for configuring aggregations. I'm moving on and going to try the Bamboo rollup.
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Written by nimrod geva
August 21, 2013
Content types are already supported for over a year now.

Nimrod Geva
Product Group Manager
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