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KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint
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Excellent product but...

In general I am happy with KnowledgeLake. The upgrade path for SharePoint is complicated by it and other products installed on the SharePoint system. The end users are, for the most part, happy with it. The software just runs out there and is very rarely the problem when a user calls.

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We use it for scanning large volumes of documents into SharePoint. It is fast and usually accurate. The OCR software they use (ABBYY) is fast and can recognize some text I had trouble reading. Their support staff was very helpful when I had SharePoint dumped in my lap when the previous guy left. Our internal customers are happy with it for the most part.
Upgrading from SharePoint 2007 to 2010 was a bear. This is not specifically a problem with KnowledgeLake but since it is built in to SharePoint it had to be fully removed and all users migrated at once then re-installed. Also we had some users that were using an older version of their client software. They could not use it at all (lesson learned). :)
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