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Excellent product, does what it says on the tin...

I trialed a number of scanning solutions, including some very well known ones, and found they all had frustrating shortcommings, or that next bit you needed was always an expensive add-on. The Dark Blue Duck suite of products gave us not only the "out of the box" functionality of uploading scanned documents, but also came with an ActiveX control to allowed us to develop our own custom applications. This was especially usefull for meta-data gathering and verification. Based on standard Twain connectivity to the scanner I fould that I had no problem swapping out one scanner for another (I had three different models).I It's easy to install the trial and it has enough functionality for you to fully test the product. When you purchase the license then you can active the trial without having to re-install a full version.

I've rarely found a product that represents such excellent value for money. The support I've received has been great and Dark Blue Duck has always been willing to assist me with any issue I was having.

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- Simple to use ActiveX control for developing you own custom application in VB or C#
- On-the-fly conversion from scanned image to PDF
- Zonal OCR functionality
- Header Sheets or Custom Barcode recognition, enables area offices to send in scans/faxes/emails and have them routed automatically
- Great customer support
- none
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