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MediaRich for SharePoint

A truely brilliant product that is just what all media departments have been crying out for and a reason for them to finally use SharePoint even on their Macs.

This software adds new webparts that brings the old boring Picture Library and even Document Library to life. Even if you haven't got thousands of digital pictures or videos the thumbnailing of all front pages of documents and the enhanced search facility makes it worse purchasing. If you have digital media though you can play all day. Zooming into high res photograps. Cropping a small section converting the file format, changing the resolution, make it trendy black and white and even emailing it to the printers. Wow this is a real must have.

MediaRich brings SharePoint to life.

Product Reviews

Allows storage of all digital media
Easy to us
Convert any image file
Save on high resolution image and get 100's of other images from it
Creates thumbnails even of document files
Overnight Batch job
Sends zipped folders of images to multiple location
Not cheap but not too expensive
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