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Wish they would let me roll up more than 1 BDC calendar

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The calendar control is fairly easy to configure and offers a lot of flexibility in the roll up of multiple calendars from multiple native sharepoint lists, and quite fine grained control of the look and feel (colors, fonts, etc) for each data set shown.
If you want to see data from a BDC calendar (or list with date information), you can only choose 1 BDC connection to surface. It would be nice to see date info from any combination of Sharepoint, SQL Server, or BDC data rolled up together.

Also, although the client-side configuration is pretty good, using the web-part programatically is difficult, not well documented, and not all properties that are configurable on the client side are exposed as public properties or methods in the API.

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Release 4.1 for SharePoint 2010
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