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Fantastic Tool

First Impression: I found this webpage to be very useful upon first time using it. There is not a lot of detail involved, however, there is enough to let the user see what the concept will be...and that is just enough.

Navigation: The webpage was easy to follow. Everything was broken down in categories so it was easy to manoeuvre your way through the site. In addition, I did not have to utilize the help menu on the right hand side of the site. The user interface is very simple, and the user friendly GUI is very intuitive and easy to use.

Improvements: The only improvement I would like to see is; how will my intranet site look once it is finished and ready to implement within SharePoint 2010.

Additional Comments: I was stunned that the site would actually let you model your entire intranet site and save it when you came back to work on it. I have been working on this for approx a month now, and I am impressed with the website’s ability to make the tools available and easy to use, and FREEE.

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