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IntranetFactory "tools" are a great way to repidly get started on planning and designing (and then creating) the hiearchy of a SharePoint solution. The data architecting, creation of:
- content types, custom columns, and custom web parts, metadata requirements (business and operational need) ......... still need to be planed for and met prior to using the SharePoint Modeler - but that is how it should be!

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The SharePoint Modeler allows me to:
- graphically map out the hierarchy and user interface of a SharePoint solution without having to "build" the individual sites and pages.
- identify out-of-the-box web parts and 3rd party/custom web parts to be used on each site/page.
- understand how information/files/data will "move"through the SharePoint solution

The Modeler Connector allows me to:
- rapidly build the sites and pages of the SharePoint solution without having to create each myself and gain feedback from the team
- change the solution (using modeler) without having to manually delete sites and rebuild them

Collectively the IntranetFactory "tools" generate:
- Site Map (overview of report)
- Complete Model Documentation (including wireframe diagrams of the sites, pages and web parts)
reports that I then use as the basis to further "detail" the solution and document its features, functionality and training requirements
- an Implementation Guide
Details on how to truly take advantage of the modeler and the IntranetFactory tools. There are basic how to videos, but there is nothing that documents how to "include" 3rd party/custom web parts in the model (I stumbled accross the how to through trial and error).
There is currently no way to introduce custom site/page templates into the modeler and those provided are basic and do not include header an footer zones.
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Modeler Connector V2.2
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