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CopyMove from SharePoint Products enables our end users to copy and move items from one document library (or folder) to another. This was a feature that our organisation had been asking for ever since we introduced SPS-2003 (long time ago). In order to use SharePoint as a document management system copy and move functionality that preserves version history is very important and this product solved our need.

The product is very easy to install with no manually tasks. In addition it has great customization possibilities. E.g. one can set item or size limits to a copy/move operation which enable the system administrators to control that performance is not impacted. The product also has a webservice that exposes the functionality which can be utilized by other business applications.

Product Reviews

* Copy and Move functionality that preserves version history and keeps metadata intact.
* Strong control of item/size limit
* Functionality are also exposed through webservice
* Very nice user interface
* Ability to copy/move items across different site collections
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