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This module can destroy your entire farm

Our team was working on a large scale site reorganization to put more than 150 site collections into 9.

During our testing, there were many bugs and we have to talk to AvePoint to fix them with hotfix packages.

Four days before our first phase, by lucky, we found out all site collections touched by this module can not create any sub sites with templates using publushing features, like Site Directory.

When we want to turn on publishing feature, an error message with error value showed and Publishing Provision error is registered in the event view.

We talked to AvePoint and they can reproduce this error and it already happened sometime ago with one of their hotfix. When we asked them about their QA process with hotfix, they admitted that they only tested the hotfix against reported bugs, not comprehensively.

We have been using DocAve since last version for WSS 2 for three years and our confidence with the entire product dropped to zero due to their QA process and we have to do the QA for them for some very basic problems.

On the other hand, we have no idea whether the backup/restore module has the same issue or any others that they did not find out. So we decided not to use DocAve to do our site reorganization and later to drop them from our 4 server farms.

We will look for a product for our backup and restore needs, but we will not consider DocAve no matter how good other user say. We simply have done a lot for them and we can not continue this cycle and not knowing there may be a bomb sitting inside our farm.

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It can demote site collections into sub sites
it will disable the publishing feature of your site collections and you do not know of it.
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