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Moves content, but can leave sites back ends destroyed

We were pitched this solution by the owners as a way for us to remove an old site template from the environment. We were ensured that once things were moved over it would work as it had previously.We did some testing in our development environment and lo' and behold, it seemed to work as expected. There were a few quirks we noticed right away, such as all documents having the name of the software's service account listed as the "modified by." However, functionality on the site seemed fine.

We made our moves to production and were pleasantly surprised at how easily the moves went. However, within a few days we realized there were some issues. None of them seemed major enough at the time to roll back, so we stuck with it. We wish now that we had rolled back.

Over the course of the next several months we had to recreate every single SharePoint Designer built workflow and every single InfoPath form as they either were broken immediately or they broke shortly after the move. This was quite frustrating, but we were able to work through it. We noticed several complaints of documents missing. We were able to recover from backups, but they were never transferred over and the logs did not corroborate an issue that caused this oversight.

Finally, we came to realize that this process had somehow completely destroyed Access Requests. We are now unable to process Access Requests, because the Access Request page takes you to a blank screen. This occurs on every Access Request page across the environment.

We initially did a demo with Ave Point, got our pricing figured out and decided to move forward without support. We were ensured that they would support any issues if their software was at fault due to a bug, etc. though we would have to pay for support of the product for lack of knowledge on their end. At this point, several emails to Ave Point have gone unanswered asking for assistance on the product. We would likely be willing to be pay for their services provided they could resolve the issue, but at this point it is painfully obvious they have no intentions to do anything but take our money and run. It is a very frustrating situation and I could not possible recommend this product to anyone looking for a product with a company that stands behind their software. Ave Point clearly does not.

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Moves content easily
Breaks all SharePoint Designer workflows
Breaks association with Access Request Lists
Breaks InfoPath created forms
Some content does not move over as expected
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