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TunnelPoint by zevenseas

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TunnelPoint collects the correct information, users connect to your SharePoint sites and as a result  can collaborate on new and up-to-date rich content.

Through the TunnelPoint service you can connect internet based Web Services to SharePoint lists.


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5.0  (1)
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Great new hosted service for SharePoint!

I am quite excited about this product and I must say that I love the concept!

Product Reviews

It all works like a charm and the fact that I got this to work on my hosted WSS environment where I have limited access to (I can’t even deploy a Feature to it) opens so many doors for so many people.
To make TunnelPoint even more powerful I would like to suggest to Zevenseas to provide a generic service, where you can configure a SOAP web service url and define mappings between list fields and web service parameters. That way the pool of services to connect to instantly grows from several, to… a lot more!
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