DWG Parser Solution Accelerator by Bamboo Solutions

DWG Parser Solution Accelerator by Bamboo Solutions

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DWG Parser Solution Accelerator by Bamboo Solutions

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DWG Parser Solution Accelerator lets you use SharePoint as an inexpensive repository for AutoCAD drawings. Use SharePoint's full featured document management along with collaboration tools such as project and task management. This Solution Accelerator extracts title block information for use in SharePoint document library properties. Combined with other Bamboo products, such as Desktop Explorer and PDF Conversion, enriches SharePoint to support capabilities normally associated with expensive drawing management systems.

Existing drawing management systems include many mature features to support DWG drawings, but they are limited in enabling companies to extend the collaboration of these AutoCAD drawings to user groups outside-the-firewall (i.e., suppliers and vendors).

Today, AutoCAD users must upload their DWG files to SharePoint and manually enter any metadata, such as title block attributes, in the properties of the file in a document library. This process is both time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in increased difficulty in locating a DWG file when filtering the document library by a particular property that does not have the correct data.

The DWG Parser Solution Accelerator uses a server side service and web parts to allow the user to define the attributes to be extracted from a title block and the SharePoint document library properties to be populated when the DWG file is added to the repository. This automatic extract of title block attributes aids viewing, searching and eliminates manual data entry error.


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