ShareTop for SharePoint, EMC Documentum and Google Search Appliance by Verinon

ShareTop for SharePoint, EMC Documentum and Google Search Appliance by Verinon

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ShareTop for SharePoint, EMC Documentum and Google Search Appliance by Verinon

Product Summary


ShareTop brings a seamless melding of the best features of EMC Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint MOSS and Google Search Appliance (GSA) to facilitate a centralized repository structure that facilitates the ability to share and collaborate with both internal and external groups. ShareTop is more of a framework that is structured to be a uniquely customized complement to a client’s SharePoint MOSS deployment.

SharePoint is uniquely suited to facilitate a collaborative environment where the objective is not to replicate a set of stored information but to facilitate a process where multiple people, each with varying access rights and privileges are collaborating on the same one set of information. When viewed in conjunction SharePoint and Documentum are clearly complimentary, where one can serve as the central repository for all information, while the other serves as a doorway to view this information.
Verinon's ShareTop framework enables both internal and external members of the same company but also partners, clients or suppliers secure and managed access to the information stored in an EMC Documentum environment. We accomplish this by using a Microsoft SharePoint MOSS based presentation layer that acts in many cases as an alternative to Documentum WebTop.

When one approaches options around deploying two different platforms, there can be issues associated with either integration or which platform has the sole valid copy.  But, it also presents flexibility where in some instances the combined SharePoint and Documentum platform allows for some instances where some artifacts are better off stored in Microsoft SharePoint MOSS rather than in the central repository of EMC Documentum. This could prove to be an issue for some organizations where it not only further fragments of the location of data, but it also creates further complexities in being able to locate the correct document. The prospective user is now at the mercy of not one, but both EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint MOSS search facilities. Hence, as an added option, the ShareTop framework also brings an element of enterprise search to attack this issue by integrating the Google Search Appliance (GSA). This feature allows a user to perform a single search from the ShareTop platform and simultaneously search multiple EMC Documentum repositories or Microsoft SharePoint MOSS sites.

The ShareTop Framework Advantage

  • Flexibility to be a pluggable piece that is added to an existing SharePoint MOSS environment or as a standalone SharePoint offering
  • Maintains all EMC Documentum security and user privileges, adhering to existing access rights
  • Scalable, leveraging the depth of EMC Documentum, presentation layer ease and flexibility of SharePoint and the enterprise search reach of the Google Search Appliance (GSA)
  • Single sign-on, enabling the ability to log into Microsoft SharePoint MOSS and EMC Documentum simultaneously 
  • Customizable look and feel, catering to unique needs that could vary by supplier, by client or by partner
  • Allows for a centralized enterprise search facility enabling users to navigate/search multiple repositories and sites simultaneously
  • Organizational flexibility, where the location of information does not determine how/what can be presented to suppliers, partners or clients
  • Commitment to growth, supporting multiple versions of EMC Documentum, including D6
  • Flexible support and maintenance arrangement to fit client’s unique and at times global needs  


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