ComponentOne Studio® for SharePoint

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ComponentOne Studio® for SharePoint

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ComponentOne Studio® for SharePoint contains three Web Parts that connect to all popular data sources and displays them in grid, chart,and map form. These Web Parts give you a point-and-click interface to select the data sources and completely configure how the data is displayed. The design experience is not only fast, it doesn’t require developers.

How ComponentOne Web Parts Help You:

• Be more productive than ever

All of our web parts have On-Board Designers. The designers are simple dialogs that open in the Web Part zone and allow you to configure everything about the part, including data source, appearance, and behavior. These designers are available for all our web parts and share a common framework, so they are 100% consistent. Develop rich, interactive SharePoint pages in minutes, without writing any code at all. The time savings are likely to cover the cost of the license on your first project.

• Give more power to your users

Do you have users constantly asking for new, customized views of their data (charts, grids, reports, etc)? Remove the bottleneck by giving them the power to use the On-Board Designers themselves. Once you enable the designers, users will be able to configure the parts themselves and create their own personalized versions of every page you design. It’s that easy!

Easily access all of your data

Would you like to access data in one or more SharePoint lists? In SQL Server or Oracle databases? In Excel files? Perhaps your data is in a different domain? Or maybe it is hierarchical? Doesn’t matter. Really. Just open the On-Board Designer and select the data from easy-to-use lists. There’s no need to write code, use additional components, or use arcane command sequences. It’s all simple point and click. You will be spoiled.

• Make your pages faster and smoother

Are you tired of the old “Web 1.0” look and feel of your SharePoint pages? Sluggish performance, flickering post-backs, paged grids that only show bits of your data at a time? Our web parts are all Microsoft Silverlight-based. Allow users to see the data they want at once and scroll, filter, or group, without lengthy post-backs or artificial limitations. Get RIA performance right out of the box, no code required.

Create interactive pages easily

All of the ComponentOne Web Parts share the same common infrastructure, making it is easy for them to communicate. Use a grid to show high-level data, connect it to a chart to show details for the selected rows, or to a map to show where everything is located. Create rich interactive pages easily and quickly, using a simple and consistent object model.

Instant Grid Views

Show and edit data from any source without any special setup. Support hierarchical data, filtering, sorting, grouping, and editing without code. Customize columns with formats, display images and hyperlinks. Scroll quickly through large data sets without page refreshes or post-backs. Allow your users to personalize their views and see exactly what they want, the way they want. Do all this in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Instant Charting

If you know how to create charts in Excel, you know how to use the ComponentOne Chart Web Part. It’s that easy. Select the data source by pointing and clicking, and instantly obtain visually stunning charts with professionally designed visual styles. Customize the appearance further with the easy-to-use On-Board Designer, or allow your users to personalize their charts so you don’t have to. Do all this in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Instant Mapping

Do you have geographical data? You don’t need longitude and latitude data, simple addresses will do. Show where your customers and suppliers are located (or the location of anything else that has an address). Assign images and associate actions with each data point, so your users can zoom, pan, and drill down to see information in whole new ways. Do all this in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

• Coding Optional

The On-Board Designers make creating and configuring ComponentOne Web Parts a simple matter of pointing-and-clicking. But, if you need to go beyond the designer options, feel free to use code to customize the Web Parts even further. Ease of use and extensibility go very well together.

Real ROI

In just a few minutes, insert a ComponentOne Web Part into your page, connect to your data, and configure your view. Changing the view is just as easy. You get a page that would take developers weeks to code (or require MOSS and Excel). Studio for SharePoint will pay for itself the first time you use it on a typical project.

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