1OrgChart Web Part by Content and Code

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1OrgChart Web Part by Content and Code

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1OrgChart web part for SharePoint 2007 allows you to create organizational and departmental charts. Employee information is pulled from users profiles to automatically give you the most accurate representation of your workforce.

Latest version (version - Incorporating several user led enhancements, 1OrgChart's latest version has significantly improved performance and speed, allowing you create and view enterprise level charts quickly. Users will also notice the improvements to usability with customizable styles, which match your intranet or website design, user-friendly color coding options, easy browsing up and down organizational hierarchies and a new intelligent search function. 1OrgChart can now also integrate with third party products, which means users can click on a user's name in a chart and follow a link to another intranet location or people based application.

New in  Export charts to Visio; Filtering by profile properties - choose to exclude users by profile attributes, which allows you to quickly hide large groups of users based on their profile information; CSS line colour coding - improved look and feel of charts with customisable line colour editing

These great new features come with the standard functionality, such as online presence indicators and calendar and location information when integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server. Additionally, all Content and Code products come with free software assurance, which means you benefit from regular upgrades and improvements to your purchase.

Features also include:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Quick to install
  • Rapid and flexible configuration
  • Intuitive search by full or partial name, phone number, job title, department and location
  • Explorer panel (tree view)
  • Online presence visible in search results, explorer and chart views.
  • Color coding feature applicable to variables such as department, location and job titles
  • Import and export views - you can move your views between different environments

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Professional Looking Org Charts

This product provides a nice solution for managing organization charts on SharePoint. The ability to print the org chart is important to many companies, as is the ability to create a variety of views of the same chart data. This product was chosen to replace a previous web part solution at one customer site because of the ability to maintain the organization charts within SharePoint without accessing the server directly. Overall, the product does a nice job streamlining the effort to produce an organization chart within SharePoint.

Product Reviews

Control location and size of photos
Control display of person information
More features and flexibility than other org chart web parts
Professional appearance of org chart
Linking to department sites or other locations
Ability to maintain from a SharePoint list
Limited flexibility with SharePoint list implementation, cannot create custom columns and display them on the org chart.
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Organisation Chart

Tried the free trial of this and it looked to be exactly what one our customers wanted. Unfortunately we were unable to get it to successfully install and had issues with webpart being 'unsafe'.

Did not get much joy contacting support so are now looking at alternative solutions for Organisation Charts on SharePoint.

Product Reviews

Looks very impressive and is quite reasonably priced
Tempermental Installation and difficult to get support
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