Virto jQuery Charts

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Virto jQuery Charts

Virto Charts is a jQuery-based control for creating plots, graphs and charts in Microsoft SharePoint. Virto component produces beautiful line, bar and pie charts with many features. Charts can be based on variety types of data sources, including SharePoint Lists, SQL tables, XML etc.

Key Features:

  • SharePoint list, SQL database, XML file data sources
  • Ability to define chart height and width or diameter in pixels
  • RGB color coding for line and bar charts
  • Using chart zoom
  • Using stacked chart option
  • Highlighting data points
  • Ability to define colors for grid RGB color coding of X and Y axes
  • Axis auto scaling (automatic definition of minimum and maximum)
  • Showing/hiding chart title and placing it to different positions
  • Showing/hiding chart legend and placing it to different positions
  • Ability to hide data source on chart
  • Filtering options for displayed data
  • Value grouping and data aggregation for Y axis
  • Ability to define data format for X axis of date and time type Editions for SharePoint 207 and 2010 versions

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