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Dundas Chart for SharePoint

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Dundas Chart for SharePoint is a must-have for those looking to add advanced charting functionality to SharePoint 2007 projects.  Based on Dundas Chart for ASP.NET v6.0 technology and optimized for SharePoint, the product provides wide-ranging features and is backed up by Dundas' outstanding technical support. 

Regardless of whether you are implementing charting for internal projects or building data visualization applications for clients, Dundas Chart for SharePoint lets you create superior visualizations from your data without having to use Visual Studio!

Key SharePoint Specific Features:

  • Dynamic integration with the MOSS 2007 Business Data Catalog (BDC) and Excel Services
  • AJAX support with advanced interactivity -  Get zooming, scrolling and user interface support via AJAX implementations to give you increased interactivity with your charts
  • Animation - Apply advanced Flash or SVG animation effects to bring your charts to life. Use pre-built animation effects or create your own to get the effect you desire
  • Flash & SVG rendering - Render charts as flash and SVG images
  • Comprehensive data analysis and data manipulation functionality - Apply built-in financial and statistical formulas to your data, filter out data points, group your data points and much more!
  • 508 Accessibility Compliance 
  • Smart labels ™ - Smart Data Labels allow for a less cluttered display of data points, with a multitude of settings to get the look you need
  • User interface support - Includes toolbars, commands and context menu support
  • Advanced chart types - Dundas Chart for SharePoint comes with wide-ranging chart types, including  Renko, Kagi, Point and Figure, 3 Line Break, Radar, Range Column, Spline Range, Gantt, Box, Error Bar Chart, Fast Line Charts, Polar Charts, Pyramid Charts and Funnel Charts
  • Customization ability - Script to custom label events, legend item events and image map events
  • True date/time support - Dates and times are stored, manipulated and displayed using .NET date/time values.  Unlike many other charting products, data can be plotted along the X axis as true date/time values
  • Annotation objects - Add a wide selection of annotation objects to charts, highlighting data, or simply add additional customizations to charts

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3.0  (3)
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Product Reviews

Dundas Powerful but needs a programmer to fully ex

it is not fully integrated in MOSS as I would hope since MS licensed their product.

Since SahrePoitn Server 2010 will include performance point, hopefully
new pwoerful charting tools will be built-in.

Product Reviews

- Mega powerful and super flexible, nothign beats it on the market at this time.
- C# full access
- extremely pretty.
- nice graphic design and animated charts.
- cannot filter the charts using the built-in moss lookup filter web part.
- Major learning curve if you want to do any real fancy charts.
- complicated and non techical end users would not be able to use it.
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Good, not great

I'm interested in seeing Dundas combined with SQL 2008 and reporting services. I've seen demos and it looks quite nice

Product Reviews

There is a known bug (known to Microsoft) with SharePoint Designer. If try to edit a page that you have a Dundas web part on, the web part will break. Easiest work around is to export the web part as a template (via SharePoint or Dundas) and add it back after editing the page. Complete pain.
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Great 3D charts

Excel Services in SharePoint are good, but the 2D charts let it down and you are limited to having only two axis's. So Dudas answers a lot of customer requirements for glossy charts.

Only drawback is it is not easy to compile the queries unless you have a background in SQL. You have to but together the strings yourself.

Andy Dale
SharePoint Specialist

Product Reviews

Charts look good
Quite expensive not easy to configure unless you are an SQL Expert
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