Mini Calendar Web Part by WebPartGallery

Mini Calendar Web Part by WebPartGallery

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Mini Calendar Web Part by WebPartGallery

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The Mini Calendar Web Part displays SharePoint events on a calendar view. This Web Part also provides a detailed daily summary preview that the out-of-the-box SharePoint Calendar does not contain. The Mini Calendar Web Part is compact and fits easily into your SharePoint Sites to provide your users a quick visual representation of events or appointments. 

Dates within the Mini Calendar Web Part are highlighted to show that appointments and events are scheduled.  Hovering over these highlighted dates will display the custom column of your choice and link directly to the appointment in your SharePoint list.  Colors are completely customizable to match your company’s color scheme.  The Web Part features customization of the items displayed (list taken from, field to be displayed, filter) as well as of the display mode of the calendar (background color, text color, borders, highlight color etc).

The Mini Calendar Web Part comes with comes with a robust installer to allow it to be easily deployed within any SharePoint environment.

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