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Nifty product but could use some work

The product is nice if you need simple language translations. You get a list on sites where the feature is activated which allows the default language term to be listed and the translations to be provided. So, for instance a list item on the translation list may have fields for English, Spanish, German, Russian, French. Users will be able to switch language from their name drop down menu on the site. Admins can configure translations for web parts and sites. The product has a lot of promise, but does slow down translated sites and is not very straightforward to install/update. Their documentation is actually quite good so an experienced admin should not have issues with installation, but be prepared for user confusion. Out of the box translations do exist so not everything has to be configured in the translation list (out of box based on resource files)

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Allows custom translation terms to be added to sites
Installs as a feature so it can be activated where required
Allows translation to be scoped to web parts
Lots of configuration settings available in web.config
Someone difficult to install-first SP Lang packs required, then must install PointFire, and finally PointFire Lang Feature
Performance issues can slow down site speeds especially in high latency areas which need translation the most. (This was being worked on in recent releases)
Update process to add new language translations to existing sites never seemed to work as advertised
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