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Loved it...more flexible that Project Server

Thanks for the article. It played a role in my chosing pmPoint for my client, the City of McKinney. McKinney had a complex project management workflow with no digital system (except for native MS Project) in place for managing tasks. The implementation took 3 months but has made a huge impact on their project management office and their corporate culture.

In addition to standard project-type items and reporting dashboards, I was able to easily write custom reports that show city-wide IT expenditure in each Gartner category (Run, Grow, Transform) and do a what-if analysis showing resource utilization up to 12 months into the future.

This gives IT the ability to accurately project a proposed project's completion date and explain (with real data) when and why they're overloaded.

I liked the project so much, I actually quit my job and started up to do it full time. :)

Anyway, thanks again, keep up the good work.

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Implementing any enterprise project suite requires truly understanding the business and it's processes for project workflow. Implementations of pmPoint usually require changing the way in which projects were managed (this simply means that all project managers should learn real project management and be managing in a similar way).

In my experience, the work required to make pmPoint, EPMlive, or project server a success is 50% corporate culture and 50% technology. Provided these are done synchronously and your client understands and welcomes the changes, it’s a phenomenal product.
Requires a commitment to a standardized project management methodology and a key person (the PMO) to lead the charge.
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