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We are a mid-size non-profit company that started a new government building facilities maintenance DOD contract at a remote location. We examined boxed FM products but quickly concluded that our contract requirements were unique and would facilitate the need for a customizable solution. Crow Canyon’s FM product is a base package built on the MS SharePoint platform. This provided two key advantages for us. We could easily leverage the intrinsic flexibility of SharePoint to create processes specific to our contract and the SharePoint platform would fit our essential need to share and access information securely across our enterprise using the Internet. We employed the services of Crow Canyon technical specialists to work with our team to greatly enhance the base product to accommodate our contractual needs. The result is a robust, comprehensive, SharePoint solution that can be modified and scaled to fit our ever-expanding business competencies.

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Cost-effective base solution that can be easily customized and scaled to suite non-typical requirements.

Crow Canyon provides accessibility to competent technical staff for development, design and implementation assistance.
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