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Excellent product

I installed this product on our DEV farm which has 2 web front ends, one app and one SQL server. The muhimbi conversion service was installed on a non sharepoint server (not part of the farm). the installation is pretty straight foward. Not much configuration to do.

A few caveats: Make sure you follow the instructions and install conversion service with Office 2013 on a non-sharepoint server. Then reboot and open each app (word, excel, powerpoint,ect). * Do not install office 2013 on same server as Sharepoint 2010 or your next upgrade of sharepoint will fail with "infopath" errors*. Overall, great product.

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- Easy to install
- Performs Fast conversions
- Great technical support (very quick to respond, curteous and knwoledgable).
- Install documentation should be split up per shjarepoitn versions. One for 2007, another for 2010. right now, document incoprporates both versions and can be confusing.
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