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A very clever Outlook add-in

I recommend for those companies looking to integrate centralized document creation and management into the corporate culture and for those looking to simplify the social element of keeping better track of people and documents in SharePoint. You’re likely going to want to start off with a small group to see how blends into your culture and build best practices. This is not the app to simply embed in your corporate desktop rollout without configuration, but hey, that’s the unique value it provides… gives you a mechanism for centralized deployment for users working with multiple sites. You’ll get a ton more out of the tool with a little bit of training, and this may very well be the tool that drives adoption and seamlessly transitions people into sharing assets that otherwise would be buried and lost in email.

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Pros is a very clever Outlook add-in. It has found a niche at the heart of information sharing, in the killer app and center of the universe, corporate email. It also brings a cohesive social experience to SharePoint environments, making it easy to find people. This add-in also alerts you when you’re about to send a large attachment for feedback to several people at once. Should you really send that large attachment, or would it be better to actually upload it to your team site and send a link, instead? puts the power in your hands after giving you that little tap on the screen.
While provides an effective way to deal with attachments and curve people’s tendencies to email attachments back and forth, it can make the Outlook experience that much more cluttered. I blame Outlook for not having a more flexible right pane. The side panel, when expanded, takes up some decent real-estate and while minimized, is still large for my taste. (Note: I found out later that it is simple enough to have the panel closed and still have the interception happen while sending attachments, and thus remind me the importance of saving my documents on my site and sending a link for decent email etiquette.) Outlook is already a memory hog, and a frequent culprit of consuming much of the available memory on a client machine.
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