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This product makes SharePoint a seamless part of your workflow from within all your Office tools. For those who spend a good part of their day in Outlook, the capability to organize and manage SharePoint as an extension of Outlook and customize it to each individual is exceptional. This product is enabling our company to better and more fully utilize SharePoint.

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Ability to integrate only the SharePoint folders into Outlook the you need and organize them in a way that makes sense to you. Drag and drop attachments from emails and files from Explorer directly to SharePoint folders. "Save To" functionality from Excel, Word and PowerPoint - eliminating the need to save document locally and then upload them separately to SharePoint. Drag and drop email into SharePoint folders, view and open and SharePoint folders/files from Outlook. When sending mail, option to send to SharePoint folder at the same time. Outstanding customer support from Down Under. Excellent HELP tools and video aids.
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