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Not sure worth the money

I sat through a webinar of the product and it looked great. It seems to have more features than other third party chart parts and such. I was disappointed, though. I downloaded the trial and went to install it. Kept getting errors that it couldn't find the site collection. I looked up the error on their site and was able to manually install the parts. When adding a part to the page the part comes up, however you are not able to configure it. The drop downs don't drop down. Researched on the forum and other user was having the same issue, but it wasn't resolved. I emailed support for help. Waiting to hear back. If they are able to fix the issue with not being able to configure the webpart a new review will be written.

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Nice installer. Seems to have lots of features that other third party chart parts don't have.
The install gives a lot of errors if you don't have site collections on the top level of the application. I checked the website and this was something that they were supposed to have fixed with the new release that came out in May.
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