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I must say that I just recently upgraded to the latest version and although I ran into a couple of minor bugs, the reliability of the alerts actually being triggered seems to be back on track. I'll need more time to tell for sure.

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This product has the potential to accomplish just about anything in SharePoint. Send alerts based on conditions. Start a workflow based on conditions. String a bunch of those rules together and you have an intelligent business process. With no coding. I rank this potential at 6 out of 5.
The problem with Alet Plus is in its execution. The product installs just fine. Setting up all the rules aren't even that bad, even though there is no way to validate what you setup it going to actual do anything. It gets worse when no alerts are firing off even tho you have everything setup correctly or the alert get stuck in a running status forever. Or some alert criteria just disappear. I've had some decent results with Tech support and other big failures with them at other times.
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