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Inconsistent implementation

The alerts worked for one site, but refuse to work on other sites in the site collections. Sometimes the alerts event does not get raised, sometimes it sends the alerts but it sends the email message designed on another site. Alert schedules are sometimes Eastern time, sometimes GMT. The Bamboo Alert Plus Windows Service sometimes fails and no alerts go out until they are restarted. At one point, the services would no longer restart and required us to restart the server. Overall, it worked well for our demo on one site but once we deployed all alerts on all sites for the site collection, things went from good to very bad.

Product Reviews

Lots of options for configuring the alerts, setting up the Mailing list, flexible email message properties and replacable parameters and can redirect links in emails to another SharePoint Zone or you can redirect the {itemlink} to a custom page
Inconsistent implementation. Finicky Windows Services. Messy metadata.
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Latest version September 2009
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