Metalogix Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint

Metalogix Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint

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Metalogix Selective Restore Manager for SharePoint

Selective Restore Manager simplifies the restoration of individual documents and list items, as well as entire SharePoint sites. Instead of rebuilding your entire production database or using a temporary SharePoint recovery farm, you can access your native SQL Server backup files as though they were live SharePoint sites. You can recover documents, list items and even entire SharePoint sites directly to the production environment using a familiar, copy-and-paste user interface and preserve related metadata, versions, views and permissions.

Key Benefits:

  • Respond quickly to recovery requests.
  • Avoid rebuilding your entire production database or using a recovery farm just to recover a single item.
  • Avoid third-party, proprietary back-up formats and costly dedicated hardware.
  • Recover content out of any SharePoint content database, even if the site is offline or inaccessible.

Key Features:

  • Use a familiar, tree-based, copy-and-paste user interface to quickly perform restore operations for everything from individual documents or list items to complete SharePoint site collections.
  • Preserve all views, version chains, metadata, permissions, and authorship information.
  • Selective Restore Manager allows you to easily open and browse your existing SQL Server back-up files as though they were SharePoint sites. You can restore any item, document, or SharePoint site directly to the production environment.
  • Use powerful differential reporting capabilities to easily compare two backup files, or a backup file and the live SharePoint site, and see what has been added, modified or deleted.
  • All restore operations are done through the supported SharePoint APIs.

Editor review


Must have product in your admin toolbox

I had a hard time finding negatives with this product. It did everything that I needed it to do, and it plugged a big hole for me when needing to restore documents quickly. If you run a critical SharePoint shop, then this product can help keep your mind at ease when you will inevitably need to restore lost or deleted data. I highly recommend this product, and you should at the very least download the trial to see how it can help you.

Product Reviews

• Very lightweight requiring only about 5MB of hard drive space and 256MB of RAM
• Can be installed on remote client machines rather than on the server
• Very low impact on server resources
• Can read/write from any machine on the domain connected to the farm
• Can restore individual SharePoint items and documents to the local machine
• Compare backup copies of the site to the live production site
• Copy data on the fly from backup to live site or live site to live site
• Saves your current session when you exit the application, so no need to reconnect to databases or sites
• Compatible in x64 environments

New Features

• Added the ability to connect directly to offline mdf database files
• Added the ability to search live sites and backups for specific SharePoint content
• Added the ability to sort the items view and search results screens
• Added ability to preserve content types on lists during restore or copy processes
• Can now migrate and restore permissions, including item level permissions and groups
• Can now view historical versions of documents when versioning has been turned on
• Can now restore an item directly from the log viewer when comparing data
• Bundled help topics
• Cannot open multiple .bak files at the same time if they represent separate databases. You must do them individually.
• Relies on native SharePoint and/or SQL Server backups
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Huge time saver

Metalogix once again hits a home run with their SRM product. Like all their tools, SRM is so simple to use, and yet so very powerful. MetaLogix SRM is small, fast to install, simple to license, and easy to use. No huge manual written overseas. MetaLogix has TERRIFIC tech support, too. Great people and great products that save me time. Thank you for another great product, MetaLogix!

Product Reviews

Very easy to use. Browse to the SQL file backups directory, locate your SQL .BAK file, browse through until you find the item you're looking for, and restore the file. Takes about 1 minute to learn, and saves you HOURS of time doing restores.
Haven't come across any cons yet - the product just works time and time again.
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Various version with MOSS 2007
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