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Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 is a member of the Microsoft System Center family of management products, which are designed to help IT professionals manage their Windows Server infrastructure. DPM 2007 delivers continuous data protection for Microsoft application and file servers to a seamlessly integrated secondary disk and tape solution on the DPM server. DPM enables rapid and reliable recovery through advanced technology for enterprises of all sizes.

How does DPM 2007 protect SharePoint data?
After the initial baseline copy of data, DPM routinely performs “express full” backups which utilize the SharePoint VSS writer, and underlying component VSS writers, to identify which blocks have changed in the entire production farm and content databases—and only sends the updated blocks or fragments. This provides a complete and consistent image of the data files on the DPM server or appliance. DPM 2007 maintains up to 512 shadow copies containing only the granular changes between one SharePoint backup and the next.

With only a few mouse clicks and DPM 2007, you can:

  • Restore the SharePoint Farm
    The entire configuration from the farm and the content databases can be restored back to the original platform(s)—including the Configuration Database, Administration Content Database, and the Content Databases that were backed up in the Point-In-Time selected.
  • Restore a Content Database
    DPM 2007 can restore a single content database back within the SharePoint farm.
  • Copy to a network folder or tape for archival purposes
    You can also take the files from SharePoint and restore them to a network folder for manual purposes or to their own tape for archival or delivery to an auditor.

In addition, perhaps the most exciting features of DPM2007 for SharePoint are a supported way to recover site collections, individual sites, or documents. Unlike approaches by archaic solutions that attempt to inject restored objects directly back into the production farm, but can lead to corruption, DPM 2007 uses only supported methods through the Recovery Farm concept which is designed and supported by SharePoint.

DPM 2007 restores the selected data set into the Recovery Farm, and then properly manages moving that document from the Recovery Farm back in to the production farm—all from within a single DPM recovery wizard.

  • DPM restores a Site Collection
  • DPM restores a Site
  • DPM restores an Individual Document

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4.3  (4)
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Great Product

Overall it is a great product.

Product Reviews

Easy to configure. Fast Restores
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Excellent, After reading the reviews I tried MS DMP and it was a good product. Why spend so much for third party products, when we can get DMP 2007 for very good price.

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A powerful yet simple backup solution

We switched to DPM from a Symantec solution. This was more due to cost saving thanks to an enterprise agreement and less to due with the feature sets. We have been very happy with the decision and prefer the simplicity of DPM. We were a bit surprised by the resources, specifically RAM, that was required. The sizing calculator that Microsoft provides was nowhere close when it comes to the amount of RAM we needed. In fact, we maxed out the RAM in our DPM servers and they still have a RAM bottleneck.

Overall, we are very pleased with the product and it has saved us on several occasions.

Product Reviews

It integrates with Microsoft products as well or better than any other product out there.
With service pack 1, it is a complete solution for SharePoint backup.
Built on top of MS SQL Server
It does require a lot of resources if it is backing up a lot of data.
The interface is almost too simple. It is lacking some of the features other products have. This could also be considered a pro.
Version Reviewed
2007 SP1
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Not to shabby

Overall, it is good product for standard backup and recovery scenarios. We have not tested it with failover or DR scenarios bu the products seems to lend itself to that fairly easily.

Product Reviews

- Microsoft with Microsft: intergration is nice and licensing under the SCCM Management Sutie gets you DPM
- Use any disk: not tied to a SAN vendor and easy to switch after the san lease is up
- Can use DPM infrastructure for Exchange and other backups as well
- Price - cheaper than most other solutions (NetApp, TSM, etc)
- Slightly slower backups/restores
Version Reviewed
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