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Backup and Restore for SharePoint by AvePoint

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DocAve Backup and Restore by AvePoint provides business-aware, comprehensive, SLA-driven protection of Microsoft SharePoint environments, addressing the need for a fast, flexible, and intelligent backup solution. Backup and Restore provides full-fidelity backup and recovery, from an individual content item to an entire SharePoint environment and all of its farm-level components, maintaining all metadata, security settings, and version histories.

Now featuring an improved user experience, enhanced scalability, and deeper integration with leading hardware providers, administrators can utilize wizard - or form-based backup and restore operations and granularly restore from hardware snapshots to simplify truly comprehensive SharePoint protection - whether you're on premises or in the cloud with Office 365.

Intelligent, Enterprise-strength Backup and Recovery

  • Full, incremental, and differential backup capabilities for selective SharePoint farm components and externalized BLOB stores enable customers to build backup plans and schedules that focus on frequent backup of high-priority data, improving backup operations and storage efficiency
  • Define default backup options for efficiency or specify plan specific options as appropriate
  • Rapid restore of SharePoint content with AvePoint's InstaMount™ Technology, enabling the fast recovery of individual items to production environment from a full database backup without having to first stage the database
  • Granularly restore from hardware-based snapshots to achieve robust RPOs and RTOs
  • Centralized browser-based interface (integrated with Active Directory) supports and integrates all of your SharePoint environments, supporting true multi-farm protection
  • User interface delivers point-and-click tree or wizard modes to simplify backup and recovery
  • Backup to centrally managed tiered storage locations with built-in encryption, compression, and pruning policies – integrate advanced hardware platforms including Dell DX Object Storage, EMC Centera, Hitachi Data Systems, and NetApp, or cloud storage platforms such as Windows Azure and Amazon S3
  • Comprehensive support for custom SharePoint applications with platform-level backup and restore of Nintex® Workflow 2010, KnowledgeLake®Imaging for SharePoint 2010, NewsGator Social Sites®for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, as well as any custom application databases
  • Load balancing across all front-end web servers for efficient resource utilization
  • Password protection for safeguarding backup data
  • Advanced email notifications for detailed and summary information
  • Monitor real-time progress of any SharePoint backup or recovery processes, and maintain graphical insight into backup disc space usage and farm coverage
  • Centralized setup and configuration, software patch and license management, and user account management

Granular Content and Data Protection

  • Supports SharePoint 2013 & 2010 and Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online site collections, sites, lists/libraries, and individual objects . For Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 environments, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Windows SharePoint Services 2.0, and SharePoint 2001 support
  • Full-fidelity backup and restore of all lists, libraries and items (including Events, Links, Tasks, Contacts, Announcements, Discussion Boards, Surveys, Issus, Custom Lists, Areas, Sub Areas, Portal Links, Workflow Definition and instance, Layout Templates, and Site Definitions, along with access permissions, metadata and version histories)
  • Granular, item-level restore with calendar view and identification criteria
  • Restore content to different SharePoint instances or locations, including file systems and networked file shares with Backup and Restore's "out-of-place restore" functionality
  • Manual and automated data pruning feature helps manage historic SharePoint backup data and improve access speed to more recent backups
  • Item-level "out-of-place restore" for complete hardware failure
  • Fast granular backup speeds, up to 30GB/hour

Comprehensive Platform Protection

  • Backup and recover entire SharePoint farms or selective components, including all servers and back-end SQL databases with configurations and Index/Job servers, as well as front-end IIS settings, file system resources, and custom application
  • Fast platform backup speeds with advanced volume shadow-copy service (VSS) technology, up to 150 GB/hour
  • Quickly and selectively restore individual or a combination of farm components (including content databases, web applications, and SSP)
  • Safeguard front-end web server resources (including IIS settings, Template files, user selected resources, and local file systems)
  • Backup InfoPath form templates, Project Server content, Site Definitions, and SharePoint features
  • Up-to-the-minute restore using SQL logs restoration
  • Utilizes Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to ensure consistent point-in-time backups
  • Efficient data streaming via open standards, including VDI and VSS, without staging location requirements
  • InstaMount™ technology enables fast item level restores directly from database backups, eliminating the need to restore the database first

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Backup and Restore for SharePoint by AvePoint 2013-03-06 06:55:54 Nick
Reviewed by Nick    March 06, 2013

Another tool we decommissioned after a year

This product was installed in our environment for roughly one year. During this time, we were plagued w/ stability issues and had no choice but to upgrade only to find we were unable to restore backups made under previous Avepoint versions. When we needed to restore files, it did not work all the time and support was unable to offer any real solution to our long term issues. We eventually became so frustrated that we replaced the solution with a better one. Think long and hard before selecting Avepoint and if you do select it, make sure you have a secondary backup system in place. Under no circumstances should this solution be used as a primary backup.

Product Reviews

Decent interface
Extremely expensive, unnecessarily complex and extremely unreliable, latest version we upgraded to (prior to decommissioning) was unable to restore backups made in any of the previous versions.
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Backup and Restore for SharePoint by AvePoint 2013-03-01 05:43:10 Rahul
Reviewed by Rahul    March 01, 2013
Last updated: March 04, 2013
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Restorage Software

If you want to get back your deleted file & folder in simple way in, then you can use the professional windows data recovery software which can help you to recover Data from Partitioned.

Product Reviews

support from AvePoint
Getting difficult while installing the software
Version Reviewed
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Backup and Restore for SharePoint by AvePoint 2010-10-05 18:17:31 Jonathan Reed
Reviewed by Jonathan Reed    October 05, 2010
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Good functionality, bad support

I'd recommend the product, just be prepared to pull your hair out when something goes wrong.

Product Reviews

Very powerful tool providing a key function in copying sites across different environments. Very quick to restore.
Support is not very good. We've have a number of issues that could not be explained by the tech. Avepoint's support is quick to say "run it again until you see the issue again, then you will know what cause the issue when it stops" so apparently logging isn't very good.
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Backup and Restore for SharePoint by AvePoint 2009-11-06 19:15:41 Chris
Reviewed by Chris    November 06, 2009

Powerful solution..

I thought the options to backup everything was great. Relatively fast in its backup process. I just found that setup and install took a bit longer than other solutions providing similar benefits.

Still a better option than the out of the box backup/recovery options. I would recommend looking at other solutions as you may save some money to purchase other tools while still getting a great backup/recovery solution elsewhere.

Product Reviews

Full featured. Backs up everything. Good support from AvePoint.
Too confusing. Take a bit more that others to setup and get running. Expensive.
Version Reviewed
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Backup and Restore for SharePoint by AvePoint 2009-04-06 02:10:52 Mike Oryszak
Reviewed by Mike Oryszak    April 06, 2009
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Very Robust, Comprehensive Solution

I used this for a few years in a previous position. We initially implemented the 3.x version when we started to have problems with our backups when the content databases exceeded 40Gb. They system was easy to implement, and I was up and running within an hour or two.

This was one of the first to offer Item Level backup capabilities. I really like the options offered for granularity, frequency, etc.

This product served me very well. We continued our upgrades through the 4.x and into the current version. We later added additional modules like the archiving and disaster recovery that are now part of the base product.

Product Reviews

Full featured, reliable
Not cheap
Version Reviewed
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Backup and Restore for SharePoint by AvePoint 2008-12-09 02:51:22 Glen Ginsborg
Reviewed by Glen Ginsborg    December 09, 2008
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Only if you have too much time on your hands

Our company purchased Docave SharePoint Backup after visiting NY user group and someone recommended their tool over Quest, but i've been somewhat disappointed, especially in the beginning. It provides good functionality in line of itemlevel restoration, but so do many other tools these days. And some of the functionality Docave backup offers we will just never be using. Since it’s not cheap this is something to consider if you are thinking about buying Docave backup – you may be overpaying for features you don’t need.

Now the backup schedules seem to be running and worked fine when we tested the recovery in staging. So far we had no restoration requests in production environment, and I hope we will not. However, it was very hard to get off the ground – their user guide is around 500 pages, seriously. I bought 2-server Backup agent, and I got a 500 page user guide for ALL their modules. Since Avepoint has a very weak knowledgebase, you may want to request user guide for backup only, to save yourself some trouble. One more note worth mentioning - we wanted to upgrade to version 5, but when we called Avepoint support they suggested to wait. Said “the build is not stable and no upgrade tool available”. And that was one month post release! Next year, when our maintenance expires, we will be testing out Quest tools and DPM, but I don’t know if they are any better. I guess we’ll find out…

Product Reviews

integration with other Avepoint products (but not included in the backup product price – we only tested during the trial, but didn’t buy those)
too complex, difficult to get started, horrendously large user guide, expensive
Version Reviewed
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