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CardioLog 2007 is a complete web analytics solution, with its own tracking agent and data repository. It includes numerous SharePoint usage reports - among them the portal search reports and portal growth reports. CardioLog also Offers CardioLog Lite - FREE SharePoint Usage Reports.

Specially built for authenticated environments, CardioLog 2007 provides enhanced visitor segmentation - which is available through seamless integration with Active Directory and other user-schemas within the organization. CardioLog 2007 includes adaptors for leading portal products such as Microsoft SharePoint 2007 (or 2003). These adaptors use an advanced JavaScript tracking agent to monitor visitor actions such as item additions and deletions, document viewing, search results clicks and other Web 2.0 actions. In addition, these adaptors identify the structure of the SharePoint solution - and enable easy reporting for specific content areas.

CardioLog 2007's client UI is a complete HTML solution - enabling users to view reports in many ways. Reports can be easily integrated into portal pages by exporting them to SharePoint web parts, or launching them directly from the portal.


Here are some examples for CardioLog 2007 reports which are designed for a portal environment:

  • Report: Top Content by Type
    The standard Top Content report can be filtered according to portal object-types, for instance - top PDF files, or top Wiki sites. Filtering by type is especially helpful for intranet portals, which usually host thousands or millions of items.
  • Report: Top Users
    Find out who are the top portal visitors, and drill-down to learn about them: where did they visit? When did they visit and for how long? Did they search the portal? Did they contribute content?

SharePoint top users drill down

  • Report: Top Internal Search phrases
    Learn about the most common search phrases in the portal and find out how visitors engage with search results (what search results are clicked).
  • Report: Average Number of Searches per Visit
    This report shows how often search is used. Together with other search reports, such as "Search Origin Pages" and "Search Destination Pages", you can learn how portal search is used by your visitors.
  • Report: Portal Contributors
    Find out who is contributing content to you portal. Do visitors use the portal for collaboration tasks? How well is your content management environment used?
  • Report: Portal Actions
    The portal actions report displays the number of content additions, updates and deletions taking place in the portal. You can also measure user clicks, document viewing, and other Web 2.0 actions.
  • Report: Growth Trend
    Portal managers can easily see how fast their portal is growing, in terms of item numbers (for example, number of sites or documents).
    Report Distribution

By setting read permissions to reports, it is possible to control their distribution throughout the organization. Reports can be automatically emailed, exported to web parts, or launched directly from portal pages.

SharePoint 2007 Portal with a CardioLog Web Part

Analysis Center

CardioLog 2007's Analysis Center displays a tree of the portal's structure. Web analysts can use Analysis Center to perform real-time queries on selected tree nodes (content areas).

The Portal Tree

The portal tree displays the hierarchal structure of the portal, including the different portal objects. Reporting for a specific item or hierarchal level of the portal is simply done by clicking the desired tree node and selecting a report template.
SharePoint portal sites hierarchical structure

Multiple Environments

Not only for SharePoint reporting, the Analysis Center can display multiple portals, of different kinds, all displayed in one tree. If needed, you can create a single report which includes data from all portals. 

Offered in Lite (Free), Professional ($12,000) and Enterprise ($29,000) Editions



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CardioLog provides the most value

We have tried other analytics tools as well as SharePoint 2010 out of the box analytics and found CardioLog to be the best value.

Furthermore, their support team is outstanding!

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