Enforcer for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server by NextLabs

Enforcer for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server by NextLabs

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The Enforcer for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is policy enforcement software that integrates with SharePoint and ASP.Net to monitor and control access, download, upload, and export activities.  It complements SharePoint's access control system, managed by users, with more advanced identity-based, fine-grained access control, managed through centralized policies.

Key Benefits

  • Implement Information Barriers (or "Chinese Walls") - Avoid conflicts of interest and maintain compliance when collaborating on projects.
  • Prevent Unauthorized Downloads - Block unauthorized users or unmanaged computers from downloading sensitive or confidential documents.
  • Ensure Consistent Compliance - Deploy a single access control policy across SharePoint server farms to achieve uniform compliance.
  • Audit and Investigate Activities - Provide the only aggregated view of access, download, and export activities across all SharePoint servers.
  • Protect Downloaded Documents - Extend end point data protection to downloaded documents from SharePoint document library.

Key Features

  • Fine-grained Access Control - Control access with precise, granular pattern matching based on URL or object property across many SharePoint objects, including site collections, sites and subsites, lists, document libraries, items, announcements, calendars, tasks, and more.
  • Broadest User Action Coverage - Whether user is accessing SharePoint objects or uploading and downloading documents, the Enforcer logs and controls these activities constantly.
  • Identity-based Policy Enforcement - Prevent conflict of interest with identity-based access control to pinpoint users by user name, email address, AD and SharePoint group membership, assigned roles, or any user attribute defined in an enterprise directory, such as Active Directory.
  • Access Security for Mobile User and Unmanaged Host - Apply a higher level of SharePoint access control security using intelligent host recognition to fine tune enforcement by host name, domain, platform, and site location without any software on the client.
    • Prevent SharePoint access by unmanaged hosts, such as visitor and contractor laptops
    • Restrict access to select SharePoint sites only from internal network or from an office or branch location
    • Prevent mobile users from downloading document through remote connections from the Internet 
  • Cross-browser Support - Server-side enforcer ensures access and download controls across browsers even when accessing the document library through web folders or mapped drives.
  • Visual Policy Tool - Use real-time SharePoint Content Structure lookup wizard to simply choose SharePoint site, sub-site, list, announcement, calendar, document library, and other objects to apply access control policy.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Audit - Provide the most comprehensive, aggregated activity monitoring across all SharePoint servers. Each activity is logged with full details about who access what information from which host, providing rich audit reports and risk analyses.
  • Desktop Enforcement for Downloaded Documents - Prevent data loss with downloaded documents and exported lists on the desktop by using the Enforcer for Windows Desktop to secure the end point device and the Enforcer for Outlook and Enforcer for Office Communicator to control document distribution through communication channels.


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