BrightWork Reporter for SharePoint 2007

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BrightWork Reporter for SharePoint 2007

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BrightWork Reporter is a SharePoint reporting application that provides pre-built dashboards and reports for visibility across 1000s of SharePoint sites. Unlike the native SharePoint reporting features or other tools on the market, our product delivers a powerful reporting engine that rolls-up data from different lists and libraries across multiple sites, delivering insights to all roles in the organization to drive better collaboration, decision making, and business results.

BrightWork Reporter enables organizations to:

  • Report across different lists in many SharePoint sites for greater visibility and insight
  • Distribute reports through a variety of convenient methods for improved communication
  • Customize and build reports to flexibly match the way your teams work
  • Scale reporting across large SharePoint environments and other data sources for better decision making 


Roll-Up Reporting across SharePoint Lists and Sites

  • 50+ pre-built reports for all standard SharePoint lists
  • Report data is rolled-up from different lists and libraries across one or more SharePoint sites
  • Reports include my work, team member work, overdue work, and upcoming work
  • Reports include the ability to expand/collapse detail, filter for a more specific view, and graphically display % Complete with progress indicators
  • Cross-list reporting for Microsoft Project Server created sites (and cross-site reporting in
  • Project Server 2007 for sites created in a hierarchy)

Distribute Reports in a Variety of Convenient Formats

  • User-friendly printable reports (or view online in Print Preview)
  • Email reports on demand
  • Schedule reports for automatic distribution via email (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Excel static export i.e. WYSIWYG export to Excel maintaining grouping and sorting
  • Excel dynamic linking i.e. refresh data from within Excel
  • Export reports in XML format for further processing with XSLT, etc.

Customize the supplied reports using the standard SharePoint toolpane

  • Select from the various reports available including those in the BrightWork Gallery or local custom reports
  • Change report scope by selecting webs/sub-webs to be reported on
  • Change fields displayed and their order
  • Modify grouping and sorting (up to 4 levels supported)
  • Turn on caching for improved performance
  • Select option to open reported items in their own browser or in the current one

Build your own reports to meet your unique requirements

  • Reports are defined in XML
  • Intellisense available through an XML schema for editors that support XML Schemas, e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio
  • A deep knowledge of XML not required
  • Supports new SharePoint 2007 list features including content types, site columns, multi-value fields, and list sub-folders

Enhanced reporting analysis with SQL Server Reporting Services (Enterprise Edition Only)

  • SharePoint data is exportable to SQL Server where is can be put into SQL Server cubes and reported on using SQL Server Reporting Services
  • For example, feed cube with line of business data such as customer relationship management and financials to tie project activity with customer account information and billing
  • Create a variety of reports and charts for deeper insights into managing project-oriented work
  • Get around inherent limitations in SharePoint reporting performance


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Great products

I'm a consultant who has been a fan of the Brightwork products for years and have several clients who use them.

Product Reviews

Excellent roll-up solution, elegant design leveraging CAML and XML, very customizable. You can buy Reporter for "the basics" and then upgrade to pmPoint if needed.
A little on the pricey side, and priced based on total number of servers.
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As of 12/2008
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