KPI Accelerator by Makor Solutions

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KPI Accelerator by Makor Solutions

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KPI Accelerator is a BI Dashboard toolkit which enables users to create easy to use, real-time dashboards for the time sensitive and mission-critical demands of modern business.

KPI Accelerator Features:

  • Create dashboards for existing business applications (e.g. CRM, ERP, Accounting, etc.)
  • User-friendly graphic interface displaying critical business indicators
  • Traffic light performance indicators: red, yellow, green to rate individual performance levels and instantly recommend necessary attention or action
  • Drill down data functionality and multiple dashboard views (e.g. pivot tables)

Fast Track Benefits of KPI Accelerator

  • Access the key performance indicators of your business in real time
  • Get instant analysis on the operational efficiency and profitability of your organization
  • Spot check status on a job, project or objective or many at the same time
  • Assess management and employee performance against set, common goals
  • Installs with minimal investment or disruption to current IT infrastructure. Certified to run on Microsoft Small Business Server 2003.

Overcoming the Challenges of Small Business

KPI Accelerator puts the level of business intelligence previously only available to large organizations in the hands of small to medium sized businesses, helping with:

  • Setting team and individual performance goals
  • Aligning with and adapting to changes in business strategy
  • Measuring things like sales, service, pricing, etc.
  • Understanding and reacting to dynamic market conditions, making sales decisions which positively impact company profits
  • Sales pipeline management


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5.0  (1)
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Best Dashboard Product Ever

The KPI accelerator by Makor has increased productivity over 100%. It is easy to use, easy to read, and will keep you organized an don top of your goals, accounts, leads, production numbers, sales and anything else needed to run your business. Great program, great results.

Product Reviews

reminders, to do's, contacts, leads, sales goals. - it has it all right on the dashboard.
generated too many new sales - good problem.
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