STEALTH Software Content Store for SharePoint

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STEALTH Software Content Store for SharePoint

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STEALTH Software Content Store for SharePoint solves your SharePoint storage issues by connecting SharePoint with an external private storage platform like Caringo CAStor, ParaScale, Bizanga Store Ring or external public storage platform like Windows Azure, Amazon S3 and EMC Atmos.

STEALTH Software Content Store for SharePoint is a storage solution for WSS3, SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. It uses the EBS and RBS api of SharePoint to store the content in an external storage and only leaving the metadata in SQL server.

The operational benefits are:

  • Significant and immediate improvement of Microsoft SharePoint overall performance;
  • Security of Microsoft SharePoint data is done immediately after uploading and prior storage;
  • Faster Restore/Recovery times;
  • Enables a Microsoft SharePoint System to scale out easily;
  • Regulatory requirements of the application are managed through storage and archiving (WORM-compliant);
  • Easy Installation and Implementation;
  • STEALTH Software is non-intrusive meaning that users will not notice a difference;
  • STEALTH Software accepts all upgrades as it is not part of the Microsoft SharePoint application.

The financial benefits are:

  • Less investment in SQL / MySql server hardware;
  • Upfront storage investments are smaller as it is easier to grow your storage capacity in smaller steps;
  • By utilizing standard server hardware and reusing current Storage devices with Caringo CAStor ,ParaScale and Bizanga Store;
  • No need to invest in backup solutions as separate backup is not needed anymore;
  • Less operational management costs;
  • No need for upgrade licenses. One lifetime license per SharePoint server plus annual maintenance fee is all that it takes.

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